Vela Quantum

High Density Monitoring & Compliance Logging System

High Density Monitoring and Compliance Logging system designed to simplify the process of monitoring, verifying, and logging critical aspects of high density amounts of live content in real time.


The Vela Quantum High Density Monitoring and Compliance Logging system provides information and alerting on video, audio, and ancillary data necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity. The Quantum system allows operators to monitor up to 100 independent video programs with associated audio in a single 1RU system. Multiple systems can be accessed, managed and operated from a single web-based user interface, from anywhere, allowing the solution to scale to over 1000 channels.

Key Features Included

    • Remote Access Monitoring
    • 24/7 Logging & Monitoring
    • Programmable Alarms
    • Closed Captioning Compliance
    • Multiple Storage Options
    • TR 101.290 QoS Monitoring & Logging
    • CALM Act Compliance
    • Penalty Box
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Video Wall Display

2 x HDMI (4K/1080P)

Whether you are monitoring a single station or a station group with remote web-based access, station parameters can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Multiple stations can be monitored simultaneously for centralized reporting, access, and control.

Main Program Terminal

Channel Monitors

Program Live View

Configurable Alarms

SNMP traps, Email, SMS/Text, and Push Notification

Easily configure and receive alerts via SNMP traps, Email, SMS/Text, and Push Notification. GPIO options are also available. Each channel can be configured independently and each alarm type can be assigned a particular communication method. Don't want to receive a text message at 3AM for a minor alarm but do for a loss a signal? That can be easily configured.

    Video Alarms
  • Black Image
  • Static Image
  • PSIP
  • CC608 and CC708
    Audio Alarms
  • Amplitude
  • Loudness per BT.1770-1,2,3
  • ATSC A/85 Calm Act

Video and PSIP

SNMP Configuration

Audio Levels



ETSI TR101.290 TS QoS, PSIP, 608 and 708 CC

Various types of MPEG data including ETSI TR101.290 TS QoS, PSIP data, and 608 and 708 closed captions are monitored in real time for quality assurance. PSIP and 608/708 Closed Captioning data is logged 24/7 for compliance. Video is monitored for loss of signal, black frame/screen and static image detection. Audio in multiple audio programs can be monitored per video channel with live, real time amplitude and LKFS loudness monitoring and logging for confidence monitoring, alerting/alarming, and CALM Act compliance. LKFS measurements are date and time stamped and logged every second for proof of compliance.

Live Monitor

TS Map

ETSI TR101.290

StatMux and Bitrate

SCTE 35 - Program

SCTE 35 - System

Record/Capture on Error

User configurable record on error for alarms.

The Quantum Logging system can be configured to capture transport stream when an error condition occurs for further analysis and review. Transport streams can be configured to be captured based on TR101.290/MPEG data errors, black frame/static image errors, loudness errors, loss of closed captioning errors and many others. The capture algorithm can record a range up to 30 seconds before and a user-defined period of time after the error.

Remote Web-based User Interface

Web Access and Control

All compliance data and logs are written to a centralized database accessible, from anywhere, via web-based user interface. Easily search logs based on interface, channel number, date, time, or program name/PSIP information and view and download to your local PC. Access logs and compliance data from multiple systems from a single web-based user interface. Standard storage for 10 years of compliance data.

Record Available Sources

View Program Status

Access Closed Captioning Logs

Access LKFS Logs & Graphing

Watch Recording Playback

Product Features

Real Time Viewing
Real time viewing of 100 independent single or multi program transport streams over IP, ASI, or RF with sixteen channels of audio per stream.
Configure thresholds for audio amplitude levels, audio LKFS values, closed captioning, MPEG data, black frames, and freeze frames, and Monitor PSIP data.
Automatic Alerts
Automatically send email alerts to operators, engineers, and managers when monitored parameters exceed thresholds. Automatically take a ‘snapshot’ image of the video, audio, MPEG, and other monitored parameters on an alarm or alert.
Searchable Database
Easily searchable database to recall alerts, alarms, Closed Captioning text, and Loudness measurements.
Video As Run Files
Easily create and edit video log files for compliance and advertising verification.
Alarms Logging
Create a daily log of the pass/fail state of all monitored parameters with all events date and time stamped.
LKFS Logging
Log date and time stamped instantaneous and average LKFS measurements every 500 msecs. Logs are organized by date allowing for easy retrieval of data when necessary. Plenty of storage, with enough room for years of compliance logs.
Closed Captioning Logging
Log date and time stamped decoded 608, 608 embedded, and 708 Closed Captioning for proof of compliance and record keeping. As in all other logs, the Closed Captioning logs are organized by date for quick and easy retrieval of data when necessary.
Easily graph LKFS values using the exported log file CSV format in the spreadsheet application of your choice. Insert upper limits to quickly and efficiently demonstrate compliance in a graphical format.
Provide proof of Closed Captioning, LKFS, and PSIP compliance using log files, graphs, and snapshot tools provided by the Vela monitoring system.
Connect to and administer on a network with an easily integrated and managed Windows 7 Professional based platform. Easily configure email settings and transfer files to other work stations or NAS. Field upgradable.

Product Specifications

DVB-ASI Full 213 DVB-ASI Receiver.
Signalling rate is full 270 Mbps
  • (2 or 4) x 1 Gbps Ethernet
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet available (optional)
  • SMPTE 2022 Multicast
  • Video:
  • HDMI
  • Component / Composite / S-Video

  • Audio:
  • SDI/HDMI Embedded
  • Analog TRS, RCA
  • SD/HD MPEG2 or H264
  • 1080i: 25 (50), 29.97 (59.94)
  • 720P: 50, 59.94
  • 480i/486i: 29.97
  • 576i/582i: 25
  • 5.1 AC-3, 2.0 AC-3
  • MPEG1 Layer2
Video Wall
  • Monitor Outputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA

System Specifications

  • 2RU
  • 17.5” x 3.5” x 25.75”(WxHxD) ultra quiet chassis
Gross Weight
  • 65 lbs
  • RAID 1 Mirrored Storage for OS
  • RAID 5 Storage for Content
  • Hotswap Drives
  • Scalable Storage
  • Dual Multi-Core Processors
Power Supply
  • Dual, Redundant, Hotswappable Power Supplies
  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz auto range rated at 740 Watts each
Operating System
  • Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) OS for easy network integration
  • Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) OS available

Transcoding/Encoding Specifications

  • HD/SD Up to 1920x1080p 29.97
  • Simple, Main, High and 4:2:2 Profile
  • CBR/VBR Bitrate Modes
  • HD/SD Up to 1920x1080p 29.97
  • AVC-Intra Class 50, Class 100 support
  • Options for Apple devices, Social Media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and mobile phone compliance
  • SMPTE 302 PCM
  • MPEG 1 Layer 2
  • MP3
  • MPEG2 Transport Stream
  • MP4


ETSI TR 101.290
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Black Image
  • Static Image
  • CC608
  • CC708
  • PSIP Data
  • Amplitude
  • Loss of Audio Program/Audio Channel
  • Loudness per BT.1770-3
  • ATSC A/85 Calm Act
  • Loss of PSIP
  • Static PSIP
  • No Nielsen Data
  • Incorrect SID
  • Loss of SCTE Data
  • Type of SCTE Data
  • Log SCTE Triggers/Events

Alert Communications

  • Alarm LEDs
  • Audible Alarms
  • Penalty Box
  • GPIO Option
  • SNMP Traps
  • Email
  • Text/SMS Messaging
  • Push Notifications through iOS/Android App