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Advertising Verification 

Vela's unique advertising verification solution enables broadcast television stations to meet their regulatory and advertising requirements and gain market intelligence. Using flexible reporting tools you can monitor, capture and check your content. These tools to help your entire team work more effectively and efficiently by giving you real-time data. The Vela advertising verification solution can be conveniently accessed via web browser and is offered as SaaS, Cloud and Turnkey system to meet your specific needs.        


Day-Part Segmentation

Search and find specific content by day, time, program ID, or other unique identifier. Extract valuable reports comparing day-parts for advertising, news, compliance, and more.   


Ad Verification and Reporting

Search advertising on your channels as well as the competition with easy to set up automated reports. Export and share reports for ad verification for team members and customers. 

Key Features and Solutions

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Products offering these solutions

Vela is the right solution for you - monitor, report, extract and analyze easily and efficiently - control is in your hands.

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