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Highly Resilient Compliance Monitoring Multiviewer and Logger

Comprehensive Compliance and Beyond

This robust, comprehensive system provides you with more than just basic compliance needs. Offering multiple source inputs, local real-time HDMI multi-viewer, and benefits for News, Sales, Operations and Engineering departments, Encompass can easily grow with you as the compliance regulations or your broadcast station needs change.  

Medium to larger environments can meet engineering compliance requirements and benefit from many additional features. News and Advertising teams can utilize the same system as an easy-to-use searchable database and automated reporting system. Encompass allows multiple departments to use the same system without interfering with one another providing better workflows and results. Users can access the browser-based editor to overlay metadata and easily share clips using email, OneDrive or link.


Encompass can be deployed as a turnkey, virtual machine or cloud hosted solution to fit your needs.  

Compliance Monitoring Feeds

Compliance Editor. All your data in one location. 

Review video along side your compliance data to search and recall historical data, review A/V measurements and parameters, view alarms and Digital Trigger and Ad events, export clips and more!


Provide proof of Closed Captioning, Loudness, and PSIP compliance using logs, graphs, and snapshot tools.

Flexible Monitoring

Any input, any source, any place. View your channels and your competitors via our local or browser-base user interface.

Extraction & Logging

Extract and log Alerts, Alarms, Closed Captioning, Loudness measurements, PSIP, and Nielsen information and more.

Automatic Alerts

Automatically send alerts to operators, engineers, and managers when parameters exceed thresholds. 


24/7 SPTS - Single Program Transport Stream and MPTS - Multi-Program Transport Stream Capture with Proxy


Support for AsRun, Playlist and Ratings integration for compliance, advertising verification, ratings analysis.

Multi-Input Support  

Built for any input from any source including IP, DVB-ASI, RF (Over the Air), SDI, HDMI, Composite.

Also supports Audio only sources such as SDR Radio, Sonifex and AES Audio.

Monitoring Display

Whether you are monitoring a single station or a station group, station parameters can be monitored locally or from anywhere in the world via our local video wall or remote-based browser application.


Multiple stations can be monitored simultaneously for centralized reporting, access, and control. Access from web-based interface or smartphone application. Utilize our tools to view single or multiple channels at one time.

Monitoring Display
Search and Export

Search and Export

Search and view historical video and its accompanying compliance data. View thumbnails and set mark in and mark out times for exporting clips.

  • Export in preset and custom output formats

    • MP4, TS, MXF, MOV​

  • Burn various Compliance Data to Video such as date, time, captions, LKFS levels, SCTE Data, Custom Text, Logo, Image and more. 

  • Share via OneDrive and Amazon S3 or Custom Sharelink

  • Publish export clip to Social Media

Manual and Automated Custom Report Creation

With robust logging and searchable database, quickly create manual and automated reports for Alarms or Compliance data on the fly or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Custom Reports

Transport Stream Parameters

Monitor physical layer integrity, Transport Stream QoS, and various audio/video QoE parameters. 

  • ETSI TR101.290

    • Level 1, 2, & 3

  • Bitrate

    • Total Bitrate

    • Video Bitrate

    • Audio Bitrate

Transport Stream Parameters
Bitrate Graph
Digital Triggers
Digital Triggers

Digital Triggers

Monitor, search and view Digital Trigger detections found within your TS and/or OTT content including SCTE 35, SCTE 104, HLS Ad Tags in a table and graphical interface for easy comparison and verification of triggers. Export that data in Excel, PDF or CSV as well as raw Json format.


Receive alerts notifications when monitoring for:

  • Loss of SCTE or HLS Ad Tag Data

  • Type of SCTE or HLS Ad Tag Data

  • Log SCTE or HLS Triggers/Events

AsRun, Playlist and Ratings Integration

Ingest your AsRun, Playlist or Ratings files into the Encompass system to compare alongside your capture content for verification and analysis using our Editor and/or Searching and Graphing Tools. Search by keyword, date and time.

Content Compare

The Right Product for You!

Enhance your workflow with this fully customizable end-to-end product.

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