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Flexible, Live Viewing 

Monitor critical parameters at any point in the distribution chain from IRD/encoder to network to edge and set top box. This real-time monitor wall offers customizable display layouts for every channel and any type of input source with centralized access and control that can be viewed locally or remote using any web browser. Configurable thresholds for audio, closed captioning and video including MPGE data, black frames, static images, PSIP data, SCTE markers and Nielsen data give you all the features you need. The penalty box allows you to select channels to emphasize for the critical errors. Make all of your monitored channels viewable in one easy-to-use multi-viewer.

Live Editor

Create clips in real-time from live broadcasts. HTML5 compliance means this can be done from anywhere in the world (work, home, etc) with any web browser without the need to download and install any browser plugins.

Vela Encompass Multiviewer.png

Penalty Box

Monitor with Multi or Single Program Transport Streams to verify content and log critical aspects of delivered content.

Key Features and Solutions

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Products offering these solutions

Vela is the right solution for you - monitor, report, extract and analyze easily and efficiently - control is in your hands.

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