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Night Sky

News Productivity

Timing and content for your weather, news and other broadcast segments is essential for capturing your key audience. Vela provides a simple way to identify and capture your news content and offers the capability to view multiple channels at the same time.  Using ratings comparisons, you can view competitors for every channel and program in the market. 


Quickly and easily separate all of your content including news, weather, broadcast, and more. Easily compare as-run logs and schedules. Overlay and burn in various parameters such as Date and Time, Closed Captioning and logos. Add bumpers and slates to clips and use editing tools such as fade in/out and cross fade.


Competitor Advantage

Monitor, log, record, annotate and analyze competitor channels. Capture your competitor’s newscasts and stories – not just broadcasts but also the local news and weather-focused OTT feeds.

Key Features and Solutions

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Products offering these solutions

Vela is the right solution for you - monitor, report, extract and analyze easily and efficiently - control is in your hands.

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