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About Vela

Providing customized software-based monitoring solutions for over 30 years!

Why Choose Vela?​

With its fully staffed, all U.S based professional Engineering, Research & Development, Customer Support and Sales teams, and augmented by well-established systems integrators and resellers, Vela is the predominant software solutions provider of choice world-wide.

Whether your workflows and operations are small and simple… or massive and highly complex, Vela’s entire team is fully committed to ensuring that your teams have the most productive workflows possible.

Vela’s powerful solutions also enable media companies to enhance their competitive positioning, increase the effectiveness of their advertising sales teams, and enhance the audience appeal and ratings of the News and other programming.

Vela’s solutions are deployed at more than half the major station groups - over 600 stations, every major cable operator and the majority of programming and content creation companies.

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The Vela Advantage

Vela is the right solution for you - monitor, report, extract and analyze easily and efficiently - control is in your hands.


We offer 24x7 support and everything we design, develop and support is Vela produced and supported in the United States.

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We provide solutions which can be deployed in almost any architecture, regardless of size or complexity.

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Scalable products that grow, evolve and reconfigure as your operations needs change without having to replace your existing system.

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Efficient solutions with proven reliability that have enhanced productivity since 1994


Founded in 1994 and based in Clearwater, Florida, Vela is an Emmy® award winning provider of SmartLogger systems offering an extensive range of industry-leading, technologically advanced, and feature-rich solutions for Compliance, Monitoring, Logging, Recording, Multiviewing, and other related needs in the workflows and operations of broadcast, cable, programming, distribution and other MVPD/media companies worldwide.

Vela's continues to be a preferred solution for major broadcast, cable, programming, content creation, distribution and syndication companies, as well as PBS, university and religious broadcasters around the world.

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