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Constellation Cloud

Cloud-Hosted Monitoring, Logging, Recording and QoS Solution

Constellation Cloud enables streaming media providers to guarantee programming quality at source, in distribution, at hand-off to distribution partners and vMVPDs, and at edge while providing the flexibility to add, change, and remove streams being monitored cost-effectively... without capex or having to deploy equipment.

Comprehensive Cloud-Hosted Service for Health & Status Monitoring, Logging, Recording and QoS

  • Scalable Inputs 

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Logging 

  • 24/7 Proxy Capture 

  • Local Multiviewer/Video Wall 

  • Remote Access via Web or Mobile App 

  • User Configurable Alerts and Alarms 

  • Email, Text and SNMP Alerts 

  • Microsoft Teams, WebEx Teams, Slack, Teams Integration 

  • Transcoding 

  • Live Stream Editing 

  • Ratings Integration 

  • Live Keyword Alert 

  • Social Media Integration 

  • Ratings Integration 

  • Add Channels & Monitor Points Anywhere 

  • Add, Change or Drop Channels with Ease 

  • Highly Scalable Storage 

  • Scheduled & On-Demand Reports 

  • Extensive Security, Collaboration & Administration Tools

Monitor & Analyze the Health and Status of All your OTT Content from Anywhere


Monitoring with Customizable Exception Thresholds 

Configure thresholds for audio amplitude levels, audio LKFS values, closed captioning, MPEG data, black frames, static image, PSIP data, SCTE 104/35 and Nielsen data. Complete, accurate, current and actionable insights into the Health & Status of the audio, video and metadata of all streams of interest, located anywhere. 


View the status of your entire broadcast ecosystem on a single pane of glass. 

Automatic Alerts and Reports 

Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute scheduled and on-demand reports… and issues instant alert when an exception condition is occurring anywhere in the client’s monitored universe. Automatically send alerts via email, SMS text, SNMP traps or notifications using collaboration tools like MS Teams, WebEx Teams, Slack, or WhatsApp when monitored parameters exceed thresholds. 

Comprehensive Searchable Database 

Easily searchable Postgres cloud database to recall logs, alerts, alarms, Closed Captioning text, loudness measurements, PSIP, ratings information, annotations, indexes, SCTE & ad trigger data, TS and stream buffer data, etc. Search by channel, date, time, program name, parameter, and keyword.

Integrated Administration, Collaboration & Security Utilities 

Integrate alerting, messaging and collaboration capabilities such as email, text messaging, SMTP, Mircosoft Teams, Slack, WebEx, administration features like ActiveDirectory and OKTA, and standard account and cloud Security protocols.

Live Clip and Edit Workflow 

Create clips in real-time from live broadcasts. HTML5 compliance means this can be done from anywhere with any web browser without the need to download and install any plugins. Intuitive editor to find, clip and export content. Overlay important metadata such as the date and time aired, closed captioning, program name, or custom text. Share content using email, OneDrive, or shareable links. Construct multi ad clips, add bumpers, slates and inter clip effects such as fade in/out and crossfades.


Compliance Monitoring & Logging 

Monitor TS parameters per ETSI TR101.290 and ATSC A/78, with 24x7 monitoring and logging of Loudness/LKFS per ATSC A/85 CALM Act, 24x7 monitoring and logging of 608 and 708 closed captioning, PSIP logging and loss of PSIP detection, black screen detection, loss of audio detection, static image and ratings watermark detection and SCTE 104/35 detection, decoding, and logging with configurable alarms and thresholds on each parameter within each stream. 

Capture, Transcode & Record 

Fully selectable proxy configuration including resolution and bitrate. Each stream is transcoded into a low res proxy for easy playback, review, segmenting, and download through a web browser. 

Multiple Input Types & Video Formats

Add, change or remove monitored channels, streams, locations, input types, video formats, recording resolutions and durations quickly, easily and inexpensively. Input types include baseband (SDI, HD-SDI, UHD, Composite, HDMI) to TS (ASI, DVB, ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0) to IP (UDP, IGMPv3, SMPTE 2022, SMPTE 2110) to OTT (HLS, MPEG-DASH, vMVPD capture), HLS, SRT, Zixi, MPEG-DASH, MPEG2, H.264, H.265. 

Extensive Suite of Cloud Multiviewers 

Constellation Cloud includes a series of multiviewers including penalty-box, video wall, low latency, channel/stream cycling multiviewers, dynamic grouping & hybrid multiviewers, SRT multiviewer, multiple browser-based HLS multiviewing options and mobile multiviewer apps. 

Social Media Integration 

Upload videos and metadata directly to station or individual accounts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Social Media platforms. Live stream to Facebook and YouTube is optionally available. 


The Right Product for You!

Enhance your workflow with this fully customizable end-to-end product.

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