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Broadcast OTT System

Vela's SaaS, Cloud or Turnkey solution enables broadcast television stations to meet their regulatory and advertising requirements and gain market intelligence. Significant increases in OTT streaming demands a solution that can monitor, capture and check your OTT content. Ease of use and flexibility are the key to helping your entire team work more effectively and efficiently and Vela's solutions can quickly get you there.


Access for multiple users in a station or group in a highly cost-effective manner, with sign-up in minutes and the ability to use it at any time and from anywhere.  


Remote access from anywhere using any smart device. 


New independent system or integrate with existing Encompass or Luna+. 

Award-Winning Features


Searchable Database

To recall alerts, alarms, CC text, and loudness measurements

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Flexible Monitoring

Any input, any source, anytime, any place. View all your channels and your competitors.

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Loudness Logging

Logging of Instant, user average, etc to a searchable log and database file.

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AsRun Files

Create and edit video log files for compliance and advertising verification


Air Check

24/7 SPTS - Single Program Transport Stream and MPTS - Multi Program Transport Stream Recording with Transcode to Proxy.  

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Searchable Database

To recall alerts, alarms, CC text, and loudness measurements


LKFS Logging

Log date and time stamp. LKFS measurements every 500 msecs. Easily retrieve data by date.


Closed Captioning Logging

Proof of compliance. Decoded and Embedded 608 and CC 708.

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Export log files for LKFS values to easily view data. 

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Monitor all Closed Captioning, Loudness/LKFS per ATSC A/85 specifications, ETSI TR101.290, black screen detection, PSIP detection and loss of audio detection information.

OTT Airchecks and Ad Verification

Verify proper ad insertions. monitor and log SCTE 35 and HLS Playlist Ad Insertion triggers to ensure advertising availabilities aren’t missed. Integrate competitor monitoring and day-part information. Real-time information. 

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Live Editor 

Create clips in real-time from live broadcasts. HTML5 compliance means this can be done from anywhere in the world (work, home, etc) with any web browser without the need to download and install any browser plugins.

Health and Status Monitoring and Logging

24x7 monitoring and logging including playlist load times, buffering and replay events, and segment durations. Also monitor audio and video parameters including closed captioning, loudness, black and static image detection with user definable detection areas, loss of audio and improper audio levels, and ratings watermarks. Configurable alarm thresholds.


24x7 Health and Status Monitoring 

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HLS Site Monitoring

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The Right Product for You!

Enhance your workflow with this fully customizable end-to-end product.

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