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Constellation Cloud

Cloud-Hosted Monitoring, Logging, Recording, and QoS Solution

Discover Vela's Constellation Cloud

A cost-effective solution building on Vela's 20+ year track-record of dependable, comprehensive, and feature-rich solutions for broadcast, cable, and content creation & distribution.

Constellation enables streaming media providers to guarantee programming quality at source, in distribution, at hand-off to distribution partners and vMVPDs, and at edge while providing the flexibility to add, change, and remove streams being monitored cost-effectively... without capex or having to deploy equipment.

Tools to Monitor & Analyze the Health and Status of All your Streaming Content from Anywhere

Features to Guarantee Programming Quality

Tools to Monitor & Analyze the Health and Status of your OTT Content from Anywhere

  • Compliance Monitoring & Logging 

  • Incisive, Timely Insights 

  • Capture, Transcode & Record 

  • Live Editor Workflow 

  • Multiple Input Types 

  • Multiple Video Formats 

  • Extensive Suite of Cloud Multiviewers 

  • Monitoring with Customizable Exception-Thresholds

  • Automatic Alerts 

  • Live Clip & Export 

  • Comprehensive Searchable Database 

  • Social Media Integration 

  • Alerts and Reports 

  • Unique Flexibility and Agility 

  • Unique, Compelling Economics - No Capex

  • Integrated Admin, Collaboration & Security Utilities 


See if Constellation Cloud is the Right Solution for You 

Enhance your workflow with this fully customizable end-to-end product.

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