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Ad Monitoring for Analysis and Insights

Cloud-Hosted Service to Drive Market Share
and Ad Re
Powerful Tools to Monitor, Record, Analyze & Generate Prospect Lists and Actionable Insights for Sales Teams 

This system provides comprehensive monitoring, recording, clipping & export, content comparison, analytics and reporting solution for local, cross-DMA, regional & nationwide Ad Ops (Air Checks) and Competitive Ad Sales.

Advertising Operations and Sales Tools with automated advertising report generation and editing capabilities 

  • Monitor, Log, Index Advertisers & Ads on Competitor Channels 

  • Identify New Advertisers 

  • Identify All Ads, Channels & Frequency 

  • Integrated Ratings Information 

  • Integrated AsRun Information 

  • Integrated SCTE & HLS Ad Triggers 

  • Transcode & Record All Ads 

  • Extensive indexed ads database 

  • Clipping & Export 

  • Content Comparison & Verification 

  • Add Channels & Monitor Points Anywhere 

  • Add, Change or Drop Channels with Ease 

  • Highly Scalable Storage 

  • Integrate Demographics of Target Audiences 

  • Integrate Dayparts Information 

  • Scheduled & On-Demand Reports 

  • Security, Collaboration & Administration Tools

Comprehensive and feature-rich cloud-hosted service monitoring and analyzing ads running on competitor channels in all markets of interest. 

Comprehensive Intelligence 

AdStrategy monitors and extracts comprehensive intel on current advertisers and ads from any and all channels/streams of any type (HLS, OTT, VOD, FAST, Broadcast) or format.


AdStrategy monitors ads on the client’s and competitors’ channels/streams at any location, across any geography of interest… within a local market, across a region or across the country.

Capture & Integrate Extensive Ad-Related Intel 

AdStrategy captures, indexes and creates a comprehensive Postgres cloud repository of all advertisers and their ads, the markets, geolocations, playtimes, frequency, the channels and the audience ratings and demographics of those channels.

Capture & Integrate Extensive Internal and External Metadata 

AdStrategy integrates AsRuns, SCTE 35/104 and HLS ad triggers, PSIP, audience ratings and dayparts information from any sources located anywhere into its analytics engine

Incisive, Timely Insights 

AdStrategy provides powerful and highly current insights into active advertisers and their current advertising behavior. This includes identifying potential new advertisers and first-run ads, as well as advertisers/ads that could be running more frequently on clients’ channels. 

Actionable Insights to Drive Winning Results 

The most critical tools sales teams seek are those that can generate highly current, accurate, comprehensive prospect lists. And tools that provide the intel for teams to create highly customized, specific, targeted sales messaging that talks to the precise geolocation and specific demographics of the ad’s intended audience. AdStrategy does this. 

DAI Verification 

Verify accuracy of DAI by monitoring and recording ads at multiple edge locations and comparing the played ad with the intended ad. 

Alerts and Reports 

AdStrategy generates comprehensive and up-to-the-minute scheduled and on-demand reports… and can even issue an instant alert when a brand new advertiser or first-run ad are encountered on any channel/stream in the markets of interest, or when the frequency of ads in a market exceeds a preset threshold.

Unique Flexibility and Agility 

AdStrategy’s cloud architecture gives clients the flexibility to add, change or remove monitored channels, streams, locations, input types, video formats, recording resolutions and durations quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Unique, Compelling Economics 

AdStrategy provides compelling economics eliminating the process, delays and challenges of installing equipment, and the risk of expense commitments or stranded capital investment.

Integrated Administration, Collaboration & Security Utilities 

AdStrategy integrates alerting, messaging and collaboration capabilities such as email, text messaging, SMTP, Mircosoft Teams, Slack, WebEx, administration features like ActiveDirectory and OKTA, and standard account and cloud Security protocols.

Tools to Monitor, Record, Analyze & Generate Prospect Lists and Actionable Insights for Sales Teams 

Deployment Options 

Available as a monthly fee service (SaaS), licensed software to run in cloud, licensed software to run on VMs, or in a turnkey system. 


The Right Product for You!

Enhance your workflow with this fully customizable end-to-end product.

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