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Over the past 20 years, Vela's board-level products have been integrated into past and current generations of some of the industry's most advanced video servers. Major media, cable and broadcast, content distribution, and post production users of Vela's products include Comcast, Time Warner, DirecTV, Cable One, Cablevision, Suddenlink, Charter, Technicolor, Deluxe Digital, Rainbow Media, In Demand, Google, and Microsoft, as well as PBS stations and dozens of call-letter stations across the US.

What We've Done

Founded in 1994, Vela is an Emmy™ award winning company offering a range of live and file based solutions for the broadcast, cable, OTT, VOD, and post production. Over the past 21 years, Vela has earned recognition by virtue of the trouble-free, high-performance and cost-effective solutions in use in demanding customer environments worldwide. Vela counts A+E, AMC, Disney ABC Television, Fox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV among its customers.

What You Get

Vela is the solutions provider of choice to hundreds of customers across the world. With our ever-evolving and growing line of solutions, we maintain our relationship as a trusted and preferred solutions providers to OEMs, Systems Integrators, and End Users.

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Vela's product solutions come with many features and customizations.

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Multi-Viewer & Logging Systems

The Vela ArgoNavis line of Multi-Viewer & Monitoring systems are designed to simplify the process of monitoring, verifying, and logging critical aspects of HD/SD ASI or SDI signals in real time.

Content QA/QC

The Vela ArgoNavis QA/QC System is a powerful and advanced professional HD/SD system with the ability to support multi-format, multi-screen content from extremely high bitrate mezzanine content to content for mobile devices.

TS Capture Systems

The Vela TS Capture System monitors transport stream parameters per ETSI TR101.290, with 24x7 monitoring and logging of Loudness/LKFS, closed captioning, PSIP, black screen detection, loss of audio detection, and ratings watermark detection.


Vela has a 20 year history of offering the highest quality, most advanced, Emmy Award winning encoding solutions. Whether the application is for file based encoding or streaming Vela has an encoding solution to fit your needs.


Vela offers advanced professional HD/SD decoders with multi format and multi screen capabilities for both file playback or streaming applications. We have decoding solutions for Mezzanine level content to Broadcast and Cable formats to mobile and web formats.


The Vela miniXcode Transcoder was designed to simplify your streaming work-flow in a multi-format, multi-screen, and multi-provider environment by delivering broadcast quality solutions for your content delivery and distribution value chain.

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