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Your Broadcast Compliance, Monitoring, Recording and Verification Solution Provider


Deployable in a wide-variety of architectures, regardless of size or complexity

See us at our next event or schedule a private demo.

Observe and explore our array of Vela products in an indepth, detailed demonstration.

We can show you our entire product line or specific solutions that cater to improving your workflow.

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The Vela Advantage

Vela is the right solution for you - monitor, report, extract and analyze easily and efficiently - control is in your hands.


We offer 24x7 support and everything we design, develop and support is Vela produced and supported in the United States.

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We provide solutions which can be deployed in almost any architecture, regardless of size or complexity.

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Scalable products that grow, evolve and reconfigure as your operations needs change without having to replace your existing system.

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Efficient solutions with proven reliability that have enhanced users productivity since 1994.

See how Vela can help!

Find the right solution for your workflow!

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